"Motown Sound"

Motown Sound by tomcolletti

Finally mixed this bad boy! It is such a great feeling when you're grooving with friends. Soul from the 1960s and 70s has always been my favorite genre of music. I feel we nailed the vibe and sound on this one. This song features Todd Hoellerman on the drums, Kameron Biehl on bass, Nick Serpa on guitar, Rick Sakurai on the piano. I love the piano on this tune, it gives the chorus that authentic sound! I played the tambourine and cabasa, as well as providing direction for the tune. When Toddular rides that crash bell, I feel like wearing a suit and dancing all night!  The one microphone on the drums really captures that old drum sound that is so sought-after.  Many people got in on the clap and snap tracks. We layered so many claps on this thing. Brendan Golle and my brother Anthony are the clap masters! I plan on adding horns, organ, and vocals to this. Though, I had to get it out there because the groove is so tight.. I couldn't resist! I would love to do a full on album of material like this.

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